British Youtuber Zoe Sugg also know under her online name Zoella is probably the queen of all female vloggers. You can hardly find more famous and successful girl who turned her channel into a diverse media covering fashion, trends, and personal information about her. With millions of fans, Zoella’s net worth is constantly growing, and currently approaching 5 million dollars as of 2020. Check also how much are Mo Vlogs, Yousef Erakat, and Roman Atwood worth.

Biography and career

Zoella was born as Zoe Sugg on March 28th, 1990 in Lacock, United Kingdom. She was originally working for an interior design company and in her spare time started a fashion blog. Incredible success of this site inspired her to start also a YouTube channel back in 2009.

The topics she has been covering on her channel kept growing and she eventually launched a second one, focusing more on her personal vlogs while the main one remained oriented towards beauty hauls, lifestyle, fashion, and makeup. Today, she amassed 11.4 million subscribers only on the main channel. Although trends come and go, Zoella remains extremely popular.

She ventured into other parts of show business, wrote several books, and even recorded her own single. On her channels, she frequently collaborates with other YouTubers, such as Tanya Burr, Louise Pentland, and Marcus Butler. Even her most popular video so far is a collaboration – 7 Second Challenge with Miranda Sings brought them amazing 23 million views and counting. Whoa!

Family and dating history

Zoe has many other popular vloggers in her closest circle. Her younger brother Joe Sugg is also a very accomplished YouTuber using nickname ThatcherJoe. In 2012, Zoella started dating her current boyfriend Alfie Deyes who also amassed millions of fans on his vlog. This powercouple is still together and going strong in 2020. Such a long romantic relationship makes us wonder whether kids and wedding are in the pipeline or not.

Zoella net worth development over the years

  • 2017: $55 million
  • 2018: $59 million
  • 2019: $62 million
  • 2020: $65 million

Sources of income, salary

Although she ventured into other areas as well, social media remain one of the main sources of income for this young and talented woman. Let’s recapitulate a little bit, she runs a blog, 2 YouTube channels, and also has an Instagram account with 1.2 million followers. Between these platforms, she is making a lot of money from online advertisement and that keeps Zoella’s net worth rising.

Besides that, Zoe earned a deal with Penguin Books which translated into publishing Girl Online and Girl Online: On Tour. Later, she added Girl Online: Going Solo and Cordially Invited. Some accusations were made, that Zoella is not the real author of some of the text, and used services of so called ghostwriter. But the publisher declined such accusations.

Given the main scope of her channel, it was not that surprising, when Zoella came out with her own line of beauty products called Zoella Beauty. Same as the book deal, this was launched in 2014. What a breakthrough year for her.

Her cosmetics is produced as a part of licensing agreement she has with SLG Allstars Ltd. Zoella once revealed that this line of makeup and related products is actually now by far her biggest income stream. Two years later, she added Zoella Lifestyle, a line of homeware. When the license for both was about to expire in 2019, Zoe led lengthy negotiations but company and her eventually failed to come to terms. As a result, both lines were discontinued in 2020.

So does Zoella have something to offset this decline in incoming money for 2020? She recently finished the mobile app that she was co-developing and also published her fifth book, The Magpie Society: One for Sorrow. It is a crime fiction and Amy McCulloch is a co-author.