Diesel Dave

David Kiley aka Diesel Dave is a co-founder of DieselSellerz and television star famous from Diesel Brothers series on Discovery Channel. Customizing big off-road vehicles with diesel engines is his life’s mission and main source of profit. As of 2020, Diesel Dave’s net worth is estimated at 2.1 million dollars. Check out also the wealth of Danny Koker, Doug DeMuro, and Heavy D.

Career bio

David was born 17 June 1974 in Utah, USA. He comes from modest beginnings and he worked for different small garage shops before meeting Heavy D. The two of them met in a church and after some together time spent at the lake turned into a friendship, they also decided to start a business together.

Diesel Dave and his partner both have a strong passion for big diesel machines and decided to focus on one-of-a-kind customizations. So DieselSellerz came to life back in 2009 and they are still open in 2020. Although previously successful, the real fame came after they made it to TV screens.

People from Discovery Channel found some of their videos on YouTube offered them their own show and they accepted in 2016. Bunch of friends customizing pick-up trucks and off-roads in Utah proved to be a simple but successful format for this show that currently runs in sixth season.

Wife and family

Diesel Dave is married to his long-time partner Susan. This gorgeous brunette started dating him before he was rich and famous. She is younger than him – born in 1992. The happy couple got married in 2016 and one year later they welcomed their firstborn named Saylor Fe. In 2018, they announced they were expecting a second child! So their family keeps growing.

Diesel Dave net worth increases over the last years

  • 2017: $1.2 million
  • 2018: $1.5 million
  • 2019: $2 million
  • 2020: $2.1 million

Sources of income, salary

As a successful businessman, Diesel Dave has a several sources of income. Main one is pretty obvious. He is selling heavily modified trucks through DieselSellerz but there is also a lot of related merchandise that generates a side income.

Diesel bros even published their own book titled The Diesel Brothers: A Truckin’ Awesome Guide to Trucks and Life that is selling on Amazon and other platforms. On top of that, he and his friend are surely making nice money from Discovery Channel although the details of their contract and salary per episode were not publicly revealed.

Not everything went always easily. In 2016, environment advocacy group sued DieselSellerz for the exhaust system modifications designed to produce black smoke. It turned out that emissions were rally not up to current laws. Judge on this case issued an injunction prohibiting any modifications of that kind going forward.