Clay Travis

Popular sportscaster Clay Travis currently works for Fox Sports Radio. But he also made some money as an author. He is not afraid to share his political opinions which led several times to a big controversy. Throughout his successful career, Travis amassed a sizable fortune. As of 2020, Clay Travis’ net worth is reported to be around $6 million. Check out also the wealth of Christian Stracke, Ben Napier, and Chris Zylka.

Career bio

Richard Clay Travis was born April 6, 1979 in Nashville, Tennessee. He studied at the George Washington University where he received his college degree in history. In 2004, Travis earned his law degree at prestigious Vanderbilt University Law School. So he definitely has a great higher education.

He worked as a professional lawyer for a while and kept a personal blog on the side. Some of his witty posts caught media’s attention. Like his famous “pudding strike” when he was eating only pudding in order to have NFL television coverage on U.S. Virgin Islands where he resided at the moment. In 2005, he started writing for CBS Sports for free.

Slowly but surely, Travis’ personal career took a turn from practising law to commenting sport on various radios. Eventually, he was hired for the current job at Fox Sports Radio. On top of that, he also published several books, such as “Dixieland Delight: A Football Season on the Road in the Southeastern Conference.”

Wife and family

Clay started dating Tennessee Titans cheerleader named Lara and they eventually got married in 2004. They are still together as of 2020 and raising three kids. But Travis keeps his personal life private most of the time.

Political controversy

Travis was ever afraid to share his political views. In the past, he describer himself as a radical moderate and expressed many liberal views like support of abortions. He even considered to run for a senator office in 2017. But last couple years, Clay found himself more and more on the side of Republicans as he perceived Democratic Party to drift towards left. He even published a book titled “Republicans Buy Sneakers Too: How the Left Is Ruining Sports with Politics” in 2018.

More recently, actress and radio co-host Rachel Bonnetta reached out to her fans on Twitter, asking them to unfollow Travis. Why? They seem to ended on the different sides of recent BLM protests. Travis condemned the looting and vandalizing, while Bonnetta stressed out the alleged oppression black minority has to face in their everyday lives.

Clay Travis net worth increases over the last years

  • 2017: $4.4 million
  • 2018: $4.8 million
  • 2019: $5.5 million
  • 2020: $6 million

Sources of income, salary

As a successful professional, Travis amassed a sizable net worth during his career so far. He started with a hefty lawyer’s salary and moved to the world of sportscasting. But that is just his main salary. He is also active on other fronts.

We already mentioned some of his books. Clay is a productive autor and he wrote four books so far. We’ll see how this wil continue and if he keeps more political approach in his future books. Year 2020 is already very polarizing and we still have presidential elections ahead of us. So follow or not to follow Clay on Twitter, that is the question.