Dulce Candy

Dulce Candy is a popular makeup and beauty YouTuber. Her channel Dulce Candy gatheredt over 2 million subscribers. Dulce Candy also acquired over million subscribers on her Instagram account. Dulce Candy is also known to be Iraq war veteran. As of 2020, Dulce Candy amassed net worth of 1.6 million dollars. Check out also the … Continue reading “Dulce Candy”

Nikkie de Jager

Nikkie de Jager is famous Dutch YouTube makeup artist. She is known for her YouTube channel NikkieTutorials. Nikkie already collected over 13.4 million subscribers on her YouTube channel, which makes her one of the most followed makeup artists. This celebrity also amassed amazing 14 million subscribers on her Instagram account. As of 2020, beauty queen … Continue reading “Nikkie de Jager”

Brett Caprioni

Tall, dark, and handsome Brett Caprioni joined the cast of popular reality TV show Vandepump Rules in 8th season in 2020. Previously unknown guy made it to the TV screens when he relocated to Los Angeles and took a job as a server at prestigious SUR restaurant in West Hollywood. He did not have much … Continue reading “Brett Caprioni”

Desi Perkins

Desi Perkins is a popular beauty vlogger. She has a self-titled YouTube channel with amazing 3.31 million followers. Her Instagram account achieved incredible 4 million followers as of present. Perkins’ most favorite video on her channel is Eyebrow Tutorial, which brought her 17 million views! Desi Perkins’ net worth is approximately 1.5 million in 2020. … Continue reading “Desi Perkins”

Cassady Campbell

Cassady Campbell is famous innovative YouTube creator. He gained his popularity through uploading fitness prank videos as well as fitness challenges. He promotes himself as Your mom’s favorite YouTuber. Cassady’s YouTube channel Cassady Campbell reached 1.3 million subscribers at the moment. He is also active on his Instagram account. Cassady Campbell amassed net worth of … Continue reading “Cassady Campbell”

Jerry Miculek

Professional shooter Jerry Miculek became a sensation on social media, especially YouTube, thanks to his ability to hit multiple targets incredibly fast and with an unparalleled precision. Winnings from various championships (over one hundred of them) and income from his channel made him pretty well off. As of the year 2020, Jerry Miculek’s net worth … Continue reading “Jerry Miculek”