Eben Pagan

Eben Pagan also know under his pick-up artist name David DeAngelo is an entrepreneur and author who came to prominence through marketing his various products online. He is active mostly in dating advice, marketing classes, and business training. Although the available estimated of his wealth widely vary, most sources put Eben Pagan’s net worth between … Continue reading “Eben Pagan”

Court Westcott

Investor and entrepreneur Court Westcott got into media spotlight after his beautiful wife Kameron joined The Real Housewives of Dallas reality series in 2017. As a founder of ivestment firm Westcott LLC, Court is a very affluent man. He invests in several industries, utilizing his diverse experience from past employments. Court Westcott’s net worth is … Continue reading “Court Westcott”

David Slaine

David Slaine became infamous as a government informant in the case of insider trading at Galleon Group, one of the biggest hedge funds of its time. His life’s story came back into public focus in 2020 when his ex wife Elyse started appearing on reality TV series The Real Housewives of New York City. David … Continue reading “David Slaine”

Henrik Persson Ekdahl

Entrepreneur and investor Henrik Persson Ekdahl is a Norwegian millionaire who sits on board of several companies. He founded Optimizer Invest Ltd and he also holds shares of Gaming Innovation Group Inc. In 2017, Ekdahl became a billionaire, although only in Norwegian kroner. Henrik Persson Ekdahl’s net worth is currently estimated to be around $150 … Continue reading “Henrik Persson Ekdahl”